Fashion Lookbooks Sneak Peek!

Fashion Lookbooks Sneak Peek!
Check out the lookbooks for some back to school outfit ideas! This pic is included in Kay Kay(my sister)'s lookbook!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fashion 101: Basic Tees

Ah, yeah the "b" not that "b" word! I mean the word basic. As we all know, basic essentials could be boring in our wardrobe, especially if we have an edgy or even chic style. But believe it or not, basic tees are actually very important for EVERYONE'S wardrobe. I mean think about it, you can dress them up, dress them down. Pair with a nice fitted patterned blazer or simply make that the "pop of color" of that outfit. Basic tees are so versatile and can be soooooo beneficial-especially if you have lazy days like me and you just throw something on! So before you pass up that basic tee, just think of how they would look with some patterned leggings, or your new shoes, or even those super cute harem pants you wanted the other day! Basic, is a friendly word- atleast to our clothing style!  

                    XOXO, AC-The-Fashionista<3

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