Fashion Lookbooks Sneak Peek!

Fashion Lookbooks Sneak Peek!
Check out the lookbooks for some back to school outfit ideas! This pic is included in Kay Kay(my sister)'s lookbook!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fashion 101: Statement Necklaces

                Statement necklaces are bold necklaces that usually add the spice to the whole outfit! You have a huge variety of necklaces and they can be so fun to pair with shirts. You can  pair them with anything from a halter top to a nautical, button up shirt. If you haven't seen my BTS Lookbook, be sure to check that out because two of my outfits include my chosen statement necklace from Wet Seal! Getting back on subject, you don't even have to pay hundreds of dollars for a chain. Just simply go to your favorite store in the mall! Body Central is one of my favorite stores that sell jewelry because they can be so versatile! So be sure to look into that, no matter what your style is!

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